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Relax. I don't mind this.

There was that kid that was bitching about me standing around that left his job to go stand around. I don't like that. You, me, or anyone else can fired over nothing. That's what happened to some people on Dayshift. That's why I started working. They fucked really badly and costed the boss money, so he fired the entire 2nd shift. That may happen to me, quite frankly.

Things I don't like. I need reliable employment. I'm not going to get that for 6 months.

What I do like is that I'm achieving something. I like to compete, figuratively speaking. I really do wish I could do IWM. I have the most fundamental element. I can precisely and accurately predict the outcome of any day. That's considered impossible. Some people buy, some people sell, and "there's no science to it." I'm going to prove that wrong. I'm starting to understand what I'm doing. I'm not sophisticated enough to explain the whole math, however. The essentials, yes. The textbook answer, no.

That's what IWM is all about. An uncanny ability to understand the Stock Market. I want to get to the point that I'm shaking the pockets of the Stock Market. I'm actually hoping that shares are limited. That means that I'm more legit. I don't make a septillion dollars, but I create 100 quadrillion of newly created money. We all want the McDonald's. Someone buys it for 10 million, sells it for 20, and then the guy that bought it for 20 million sells it for 10 million. The McDonalds was worth 40 million dollars to the McDonald's Corporation. Well, I'm using a lending system and selling for a higher price every time. The McDonalds was worth 10, and then 20, and then 40, etc., etc.

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