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Really need a job to get rolling here

God left, and now the Devil is here. We are on Orange Alert. Echelon Orange Defcon 6. Highest urgency possible without an outright Red Alert. The Devil may be a hallucination. I know how this works. It deteriorates my reality. I can catch it before it happens. You have to pay attention to what you're experiencing. I talked to a hallucinogenic Julianna for about 2 months. My mind tricked me in that way. The purpose of the disease is to feed on my brain. I get weak when the disease starts to feed. I have to remain suspicious of what's going on. It's like the Matrix. It isn't reality, but it's an alternative reality. Very believable. It doesn't always make sense, though, it's the disease feeding on your mind.

But yeah, perhaps I'm being tempted. I tested the God spirit, and now Satan is here. I don't speak much to either of them. Neither God nor Satan. I'm praying to Jesus. I don't respect any other religions. Is God real? Can we communicate with him? Are prayers answered? I'm seeking God, I wholeheartedly believe he's Jesus. Evolution is convincing, however. We all look like bald apes, and that's no joke. That is a very powerful temptation.

Lastly, for things to get going around here, I need a job. It's of the essence to be employed right now. Maybe that's why the Devil is here. This is a bad time for the Devil to be here because I have very little money.

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