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Real shit. I have to do better.

I may be working at Mcdonald's or some shit now. Bossman needs me there. No, I understand. I live in reality, I'm getting paid good money to do this shit. $17.50 and career opportunity. In a year, I could be making 25 dollars an hour. 25 dollars an hour is where you stop at wages unless you really kick ass. $17.50 adds up to about 40 thousand a year. I know from my Dad. 40 thousand is plenty of money. Bossman isn't disrespecting me, really. It means I can have a house, car, food, and anything I want from the gas station, plus more. That's thug's mansion. I smoked marijuana when it was illegal. You made 30 thousand from being a heavyweight marijuana dealer. Druggies are only making 30-40 thousand and they're acting like they're rich and shit. It's stupid. African Americans fell into that trap. Very ridiculous.

Okay. I got all night. I'll miss a dosage of my medicine, which actually is acceptable, and have a 36-hour day. Cram in a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all in the next 60 hours. That's good. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are 72 days. I was 12 hours shy of 3 days in 1. But I get part of the 3rd day in. But yeah, I have to make the next 60 hours count.

Stretch, exercise, shower, heating and cooling pads, etc. I'll tell you what. I'll take a cool shower in about an hour but not wash up. Washing up can help or it can hurt. I'll have to wash up before I go to work tomorrow.

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