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In the next few hours, I input the data and map the patterns. I have a pattern question that's actually beyond me. They looked the same and acted the same, but they were not patterns. I have a rule on this one. I have never experienced it before. What's going on with the patterns? The patterns are repeating themselves, as always. But repeat themselves in another way? I have got to know how!

But yeah, I have everything I need for this. If I wind up empty-handed, I'm not worried. I have an answer for it, I just haven't remembered it yet. This is only going to take a few days. Send that off to my sister and maybe she'll cover my rent for a month. I don't expect money. I expected things out of Julianna, but I didn't treat Julianna right. In the end, Julianna was a very close friend. Don't go putting your hands out all the time. But yeah, maybe! Maybe I needed rent money and my sister helped me. Why? Because if IWM!

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