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Power outage, day off.

I'm complimenting on my achievements in my head. This was sly. Work is very difficult. A job is a square deal. I took care of everything developmental-wise in my youth while my Dad was around. I have to find one of these jobs and keep them. I don't know if I've found my job yet. I could be out in the nosebleed. Jobs are in and out with the nosebleed. They're constantly hiring and firing new people. Everyone is. You have to find a job you can depend on. Chances are I have to dive deeper into the laborforce. This is an entire culture. It keeps everyone well. At the end of the day, machines can't do everything. Hands-for-service is legitimate. But yeah, they really want me to job seek. Shit, they do everyone. If it's like how I think, I'll be trying to get a job for a year or longer. I'll just also be making money. A lot of training going on. Training, job seeking, and merit.

Work is difficult, though, yeah. Why'd I get fired? Don't know. (I didn't get fired btw). Well, I have to fill out more applications, do new training, and earn more merit. You're out and in with the nosebleed. You have to take a career very seriously.

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