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Perfection isn't far away. People put way too much pressure on my Dad and I to get I.W.M. done. It had something to do with people having a bad attitude. These things are accomplished over a lifetime. You know, I know my family too. They were just being stubborn. Well, I've been able to keep the I.W.M. dream alive. It was agonizingly difficult, literally. I had chronic pain for 2/3rds of the time. I was in agonizing pain. I had to get stuff done, still. Things have worked out very well. I'm turning out to be extremely blessed.

About the porn, get over it. It's something that has to be done for a while. I'm too young not to watch porn. It did make me realize, though. The one I was watching implied that girls were some freaks. They are. Girls have a lot of sex. I think women have more sex than men. There is a lot of good sex out there right now. This is a very friendly place for sex addicts. Well, Democrats and Liberals are a sex ring. These are people who are voting out their sexual fetishes. That has something to do with it. 150 million people voted in the last presidential election. 5 million of them, or 3%, were motivated by sex. Or more. You got the Democrats as the sexual ticket. Abortion is what a stupid person does that has a lot of sex. Sex will make you stupid.

It did make me realize, though, and again, that race is a motivating drive behind the Democratic ticket. There's a lot that goes on in the porno world. I know from age that people are voting Democratic so that they can enhance their sexual fetish. I said 5 million people, well I didn't count gays or anything like that.

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