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Particular day.

I woke up more alert than ever today. Even the day is different. I don't know what happened, but today is a very peculiar day.

Along with that, there are new habits. Things have really changed a lot. Today's a day of rest. I'll probably look at my writings and get the gist of things.

Okay, I just did that. I'm about to fire a game up. Video games are a way of life. What would we do without video games? I think everyone plays video games now, except for weird people. It's what you do on your phone. Play a video game. Do it at the doctor's office while you wait. Do it anywhere you're bored.

Personally, I'm about to defeat a galaxy of enemies with the difficulty set on genius. I got really good at this game. Probably be the only game I play, though, too. So that's good. I remember this one guy on Halo was a 4 star private. Lol. A 4-star private! What it means is that he plays so much, and he isn't able to play. A Private is the lowest you can be. He was cannon fodder.

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