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One I just came up with

I was thinking about how to cut medical care costs, and I realized that Health Insurance is affordable. It's because we're doing a type of interest.

Well, I have to prove it. I'm not that far yet.

Health, Home, Car, Fall, and Life Insurance. I could pay everyone's premium, and it'd be a loan. Premiums are affordable. For everyone to have Health Insurance, it would cost 350 trillion dollars in 50 years. If I paid for each visit and surgery, it's about 10 quadrillion dollars. It's a type of lending, like the Stock Market or the Bank. Banks have been around since the beginning o time. You pay interest for a loan and make a profit. I don't think that it's impossible. The United States has another 10 years of global dominance before it has to figure out what to do to make up the money. So I don't hate the Republicans. Biden agreed, but he wanted to do a trade. Democrats are our brothers. I can see that in Biden. Biden has no idea the Hell he's going to be in when he dies if he gets damned. Chances of damnation? Likely. His presidency is helping him, though. We had a Democrat that was a Republican and knew what to do to help the Country, who was Trump, and now Biden is doing it again but in a different way, and is a Democrat. We are surviving. The Democrats say that about us. That we're going to destroy the world and country. Well, shit, liberals, look at the state of the Country right now. It's good because of Trump, but because of Biden, we have inflation, fuel shortages, satanism, and other stuff like wokism. There is a good job market, though. What I mean, Biden hasn't destroyed the Country yet, and he is trying really hard not to.

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