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Okay. Now the day is getting started

I'm about to go to bed. I'm just getting started. I think it's because I depend on my medicines anymore. Took 15 years for them to work. They've been working for about five years now. Took about ten years to start working. Once they started working, I'm assuming they'll stay working. Of course, I have a lot of experience in when medicine stops working. So the medicine gave me energy and made me feel good. That leaves me an insomniac. I need the medicine to keep me healthy and my sleep regular.

A lot going on. I needed my Dad's help, I think. I'm not confident about being independent by employment. Money and entitlements, yes. I've never been able to wake up or go to sleep. I might be ready. I need to fall asleep here at around 1:30 am. If I don't do that, I can't do anything. You have to be able to sleep.

This is going to get crazy. I realize people work hard every day. But you can't bitch. My Dad had a problem with that. He'd come home and bitch. Your problem, man, not mine. I know I'm thinking about Julianna and Robin as family, and they do remind me of myself and my family. So brilliant yet so stupid. Julianna doesn't have problems. At least, not that she recognizes. She might come home and start bitching. Wouldn't doubt it, lol. But does she have any problems that she recognizes? Probably not. I can see a lot of my family at work here. My Dad claimed not to have problems. He had a lot of problems, lol. None that he recognized, lol.

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