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Okay, let's think this out.

Trump will be a blast from the past. We don't need that. I'd vote for Trump if he got nominated as our presidential candidate. I want someone like Nikki Haley to win.

I mean, all of this Reagan shit is stupid. "Tough on Russia, tough on China." We have to have stable relations with them. Nuclear war will destroy life on Earth. All of this war talk with Russia does need to be Reagan-like, but it's also the death of life on isn't an option. It's saying that if they cross redlines it'll be the end of life on Earth. We will have to retaliate if they attack Japan, SK, or a NATO country. That means that we all die. There's no choice, we have to attempt to defeat them. The US military will have to defeat Russia and China in 3 weeks.

Stuff like that. I love Nikki Haley. As conservative men our soul mates are conservative women. We should empower conservative women. Conservative women are what's making conservatism a reality.

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