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Okay, I'm back.

I'm going to have to pick my brain a bit. I have advanced life sciences that are going to prosper me. For example, your mind is ultimately what makes you happy or unhappy. Displeasure & unhappiness is just a perception of the mind. I want to control it. I got myself out of a psychiatric state but now I'm looking at employment, and a job is quite a bit to have. It's something you do if you're an average adult. It's the standard of human fitness, however. In more than one way. I mean, Social Security says that if you can't work, you also don't need money. They're institutionalizing you. I guess it isn't a bad thing. That group home is going to be the spot if I'm a loser. I'll still be happy, just not for 5 or 10 years. You figure my 50s and seniors will just be lying around feeling good. God has been doing things. I'm charging God to do more very aggressively. God is finishing up.

But yeah, I have a treasure trove of observations that make you happy and more empowered. I've proven them. They might have even been used by my cousin Rachel to feel better. She was severely depressed for about a decade. I gave her the knowledge of what I did & for some odd reason she feels better now. It's hard for people to accept others that seem to have it all. Rachel may never tell me if I helped her or not. I think it happened with Julianna. Julianna got thinking about me making all that money, and Julianna has tried way more to be better in life than I have. Or at least, that's what she thinks. It bothers people. That was one of the main reasons my Dad was getting on my ass. He didn't believe I deserved it. He still helped me, but he told me, it's bullshit. You discover some crazy math on the stock market and we're talking quadrillions and not fifty-dollar bills. Everything goes by a fifty-dollar bill budget wise.

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