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Okay. I acted stupid and now I may be looking for work.

Got to do better. I'm about to start some training. Do a few meditational-aimed exercises. This is appropriate. If I actually train, God has saved it for this time. I do need to start training. I've covered so much ground, though, that the training has been unnecessary. Circumstances have prevented it. I took care of my Dad for 4 years. I dealt with a crazy person for 2 years. It's okay. My Dad did it for me. You don't know what that's like, however. It's like dealing with your archnemesis every day, all day. So annoying. Mental illness isn't cool, but it is fascinating. Remember, mental illness kills a lot of the people it affects. But yeah, taking care of my Dad was exhausting. When he got in better health, he didn't know how to do anything anymore. I enjoyed his company, though, and that's how I dealt with it.

But yeah, when does the training begin? Does it ever begin? I've wanted to train for 5 years now. Granted, things got in the way, and they also worked out for the better, but I need this job. Attendance is a problem for me. I was never awol before, but apparently, Kohl's wanted me to sign in faster. Then they also complained about sick days. I understand, it's something I'm going to have to overcome. I have to work now for money.

But yeah, job, bossman, and coworkers; you were awesome. I really appreciate the opportunity. This is real shit, I'm making $17.50 an hour. You may have to get good at a job like that. One of my coworkers is dealing with that. He's been trained 9x before. For some reason, they don't want his continued hands for service. Well, I may be that guy. I'm not God. I don't have super powers.

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