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Of course, we have our mandatory armor.

Doing what the Bible and Catholic Church says is how you legitimately inherit Heaven. I don't think I will go to Hell. I live pretty well. I'm not perfect, but I've been making ends meet. Well, I just saved my Dad. That's probably what I'm not realizing. God said he'd heal my Dad, but I had already healed my Dad. My Dad got dignitable treatment because of me and other family. Because people fought me so hard, and all of that persecution, I was able to help my Dad in his time of need. That was really a miracle. My Dad has always been very important. I may not like him, but he was still very important. But yeah, I helped my Dad out for 4 years. It gave him the opportunity to stand a chance against his illness. My Dad did that for me. He wouldn't have put up with what I put up with. Granted, my mental illness has cliff falls as well. I think it was a ying-yang thing my Dad and I had. He would deal with my illness but I wouldn't deal with my illness.

My Dad has been a direct aid to my well-being by letting me live in the house. They forced me to come back home. I didn't want to. I told my Dad, I'm legally living here, remember? So it was tense at times, but usually, I got to have additional freedoms. The house is what my Dad provided to me. It was very valuable. I haven't even gone down the welfare path yet fully. What if I have to, I mean? But my point is that I enter the welfare state as a capable disabled individual. It took me several years to get going on being sharp as an adult. I just retaught myself everything I learned in my 10th-grade education. I have a lot of it down-packed. Language is becoming a specialty.

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