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Observed the Sabbath

I'm Catholic. Well, I wasn't born Catholic. I became Catholic because it's easy to tell the Catholic Church is the true Church. I just went to Church. Jesus said we observe the Sabbath by going to Church and making it a day about Jesus. Mainly by going to Church. The Sabbath used to be a day that they'd stock enough firewood and cook enough so that they didn't have to do any work the following day, FYI the Sabbath. The Sabbath is supremely important. God gave us the example of the Israelites that every Saturday or Sunday (both are the sabbath day because of technicalities), they would do zero work and go to Church. They did that for over a thousand years before God entered the World.

The Holy Roman Church is correct in demanding that we observe the Sabbath. Every orthodox Priest and Pastor (Catholic or Protestant) will tell you that you need to observe the Sabbath. It's ecumenical, the Jews did it for over a thousand years and then Jesus taught it to Christians and it lives on through Judaism and Christianity.

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