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Nothing can ever prepare you completely for it

I have a way out. I'm not going to talk about it. But I will give mention. My Sister wants to invest in me if I do more predictions. She has a lot of secured money. So there's no risk in investing. I won't lose the money and neither will it really matter if I do. My Sister is about to be a lifesaver. I don't have any capitol. I'd have to work at least a year to get capitol. "Capitol" is money used for investing. My Dad's retirement was supposed to be my capitol, but my Dad got a mental illness that only happens to old people. "Geriatric Disease." That is a crippling blow to I.W.M. My Dad is only 67. He's not going to make it much longer if God doesn't heal him. That's a young death. Well my Dad was my support system.

My Dad and I have been duking it out over competency and excellency my entire life. My Dad wasn't an enemy. He was my Dad, sometimes he could be, but you know how that is. My Dad has given me the tools to make this happen. My Dad asked me what I thought of myself and my siblings. We're all doing well. He hasn't seen a billion dollars, but he has seen predictions. I'm important. I mean, I'm more important than most other people. This is I.W.M. It's real! I have to get it operational. The Devil was telling me to martyr myself. I didn't realize it was the Devil because of the Devil's trickery. Dying without making the money and promoting the system for it is an act of the Devil. I guess God could do it. Maybe God doesn't want us to have the money. Maybe he knows something you are I don't.

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