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I wrote a lot more on Facebook. I had to sever the tie, though. I just have to get rolling. I mean, that's one improvement to note. Now I'm on my own site, and it's linked to my Facebook Timeline. Boom! That's the way it's done. Now my typing is completely appropriate. I've worked on my rhetoric for decades. Literally. Two decades of charismatic charity. I think everyone wants to be charitable when they're a kid. Become rich and be charitable! That's how it's done these days. I can remember that I was trying to be a competent person.

I didn't realize what that meant. I'm going to preach it, it's what I do. You have to work for three years to get a car. A new one. The downpayment is 15%, and you need to have good enough credit. You have to pay 10-15 thousand up front. Working at minimum wage, it'd take five years at least. You figure 10x40x52=$20,800.00 dollars. Twenty thousand dollars isn't enough money to live, so it's whatever you could save up. Boom Boop a chi!

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