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I thought everyone was on the genius juice. My Dad didn't respect anyone. That's a good thing to teach. Disrespect for authorities. May seem bad, but you never know what people are doing. You don't need to respect them. You are supposed to respect someone like Sole Procurator. Me. Why? Because I'm a miracle worker. I'm not that bad of a guy, it's if they try character assassination. I watch porn. Probably always will. Just not often. That's something they may try to assassinate my character with. They could convince people I'm bad. I guess they are the masses after all.

But yeah, the genius juice. A genius's juice is the juiciest. Who taught me that? I'm smart, and I didn't know if it were true or not. I've learned that people are on the genius juice. It's just one reason I'll be so liked. I'm not a bad guy, you know what I want to do. It's good. We need an IWM.

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