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Missed Church again

I didn't have the need for a Confession. Confession is supposed to be on a needed basis. If you have a problem, the Priest can fix it. That's a part of the Faith. You enter Confession with the dire need of help from a Priest. A Priest forgives you and puts a supreme blessing on your recovery. Otherwise, you get Excommunicated. You can't sin, they'll excommunicate you. May take 10 years, but they'll excommunicate you. You have to get sin under control.

So yeah, I skipped Confession but then didn't go to Mass. I'm withdrawing right now, I don't feel good. It's always something like this. Church has been super hard to attend. I think I'm about to start going, though, and this time for good. Out of the 12 years I've been Catholic, I've been at Mass for 3 years. 1/4th of the time. That's not so bad. Let's get it that I'm there 90% of the time. I believe in Catholicism. Church is something that you have to do. It delights God. You want to be at Church because that's like cashing your blessings check. It's the Sabbath, and we're in God's house of worship. Why has God done this? He just has. God is a mysterious character. Remember, very few of us have ever seen him. If any of us have ever seen him. I don't know what the conclusion is on that.

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