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Missed Church

Catholics say you find God in Church. I think they're right.

Jesus said to observe the Sabbath by going to Church.

You're influenced by the Church by other godly people.

You receive all of the Sacraments.

You share a common ground and experience.

Be Catholic.

Remain Christian.

Have a greater experience of God.

Prayers are intensified.

The music is pleasing to God.

Communion is the Divinity of Christ and, thereby, God.

The Brotherhood is magnified, and so is the House of Worship.

Have to do it. I'm about to try it. I'm going to base my spirituality on the church. I learned how to be Christian from Protestants, so I must be doing it wrong. Holy Rome says you find God in Church. A Protestant says you find God by prayer. Prayer is good, but what the Catholics are talking about is that you find God in Church. I haven't tried that yet. I've been obsessing about my Faith and now organized religion is at stake here. It's the Sabbath and you receive all of the holy Sacraments. That's where you're supposed to sharpen your spirituality, according to the Catholic Church. It does make more sense. Protestants have a lot of infighting. They all have different methodologies. The Catholic methodology is to attend Church.

I have to start making it to Church.

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