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Mass Shooters

I said they needed to be governed better. That's what people are starting to do. We're finding unacceptable content found only in mass shooters. People were saying it was the mentally ill. The mentally ill are those people in the Insane Asylum. Everyone in the Insane Asylum is mentally ill. We're protected people, we don't commit heinous crimes. Frivolous crime, yes. Murderous crime, never. The mentally ill are Biblically protected. They're called "mad," "lunatic," etc. It's true if we don't treat mental illness, more bad things will happen. It has to be treated. I'm not saying the mentally ill are violent, though, either. There's a factor of violence, yes. I think after a few years of going without the medication, I'd end my schizophrenia for a while. That's what people used to do. They used to just come out of it.

But yeah, obviously, this should be a criminal prosecution before it ever happens. They're breaking the law. Police need to start screening for people who make threats, for example. Apparently, they make a whole bunch of threats online before they act. We might have to make the boogie man. How will we enforce it? It won't be that hard. The police will just set up a speed trap if everyone is violating the speed limit. I and everyone else are starting to realize that this truly is a criminal problem. You make it the don't get caught dead acting like these mass shooters rule.

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