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Marijuana is a set back

Nothing is stopping me from getting more marijuana besides basic decency. But now I have to withdraw. Marijuana is not addictive, but it is fun. You want the fun from the plant. It's been about 5 months of smoking marijuana, and I think I'm done now. I'm chasing my high, I can't get high anymore. So what's the purpose? I mean, I have my mental health to consider and the consequences of having the habit. I can't be a pothead. Christians are sober. Christians get high a lot, but Christians are also sober a lot too. Sobriety is a good exercise. I mean, at the fundamental level, marijuana is not food. You pay rent, utilities, insurance, and buy food. Anything more than that is not necessary, technically. We're going to keep it that way, it's a good point. Maybe you, me, or somebody else is too poor to afford marijuana. I was poor most of my life, you don't understand how to value things if you aren't pushed. You'll say, "I need some marijuana!" and then not paddle the boat to safety. Shit like that is what rich kids deal with. They think they're magical because they have money. You have to understand.

Other than morals and ethics, all of these addictions are going to kill me in my sixties. When I'm 65, I'll drink my last second 2 liter of the day. Your senior body can't handle that. I know because of my Dad. My Dad withered in front of my eyes. One day he was 5'10, and the next, he was 5'7. He turned into a senior. It was 61 when it happened.

There are all sorts and kinds of reasons why you have to be on the godly path when you're 65. My Dad made it down that road. He's friends with God. That's good, he needs forgiveness. He was a big nerdy ten-year-old his entire life. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death, but he was annoying. Why are you being so annoying? That's a sin. But my Dad befriended Jesus and he started feeling good every since.

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