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Man, didn't do anything

It's about bedtime. I didn't do any work. I don't know why I'm so unproductive today. I'm going to take a shower, and I'll be back.

Took a shower. I guess this could just be a diversionary tactic. Try to get other things done.

Actually, I'm free. The only mess is a very small mess. I guess I forgot that the toilet and sink got cleaned today.

I had a yogurt for dinner, but I wasn't very hungry. I ate about half of it. It was a lot. It cost 4 dollars. 4 dollars equates to a lot of yogurt.

I guess what I have to learn is that I'm busy. Driving up to visit my Dad teaches me that. I have 4 hours to get ready for work, including a car drive. The car drive is pleasant, get to smoke a few cigarettes. Before I continue, that's the attitude you need. You need to appreciate being free more. Anyway, I wake up at 10, go to work at 2, and when I get home, I only have a few moments. I only have a few moments because I'm visiting my Dad. It took about 2 hours to visit my Dad. Then I was home. Well, I woke up at noon and went at 3 pm. I didn't get back until 5 pm. From 5-2 is my work time. Well, I only had a few moments. I could get around to making things happen, but I'd only have 3 hours.

I only had a few I have to go to bed. Well, I woke up at noon. Means I won't fall asleep until about 5am. That's when I'm sleeping, in fact. So I have plenty of time, come to think of it. I just had 6 hours, well, that was my beautification. I need to get busy if I can.

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