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Man. Bored.

Not the greatest of days. I'm undergoing a trial, I guess. Must have sparked God's interest. I said that nothing could equal an eternity in Heaven, and now the Devil is here. God probably wants to see it happen.

This is all real. No matter which you make it, God will always uphold that Thursday, January 12, 2023, is not over yet. It may have already have been seen by God, but it has not happened yet. At 12 am exactly, this day shall end. God really likes that. Little is worthy of God. We are legitimately worthy to be heard by God. God says we're man he's god, and every soul that asks will be given an audience. Little is worthy of God. Your eternal soul is worthy of God. Very few people can give to God. You can give God your pangs and sufferings. God adores them. Immense suffering on Earth, something very worthy of God. Give that to God and if you knew what it was like you'd think it fair.

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