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Made a little money off the Stock Market

Everyone tells me to make the money. I'm grateful for it at this point because I'm overly prepared by this time. I know I need money, but money isn't everything. Pan-fried steaks are delicious. Grocery Stores do have the capability to feed something as picky as a human being. Human beings won't eat garbage. If we don't have a civilization, we won't survive. So yes, my poor food from the grocery stores does impress me. I'm not hungry right now. I'm satisfied. I'll be satisfied for hours. Money isn't everything. But money means that you'll get to have food. Someone has to make it, earn it, bring it into the house, and set it on the table for you. Cost money. We're saying human beings are worth more when we work together. Anyway, I'm done worrying about being greedy. I know, like how I know I need food that I need to have money.Why did it take so long? I needed to understand money better. It's a mature conclusion. It isn't really good enough coming from young adults. They probably don't understand that you earn what you have.

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