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Living up to expectations.

I've applied to 25 jobs about. I'll get a job soon. But yeah, start some exercise. Right now my house is a hot-warm. It's 78 degrees in here because I was cold. Do some exercise and warm up, however. Haven't gotten around to that yet. I know I learned what everyone is going through. Most people want to work even if they hate work. They want to live life and have their stuff. Half of everybody is miserable, but "life is still a gift." You don't do jack-diddly shit without a job. This is important to know, it does work that way. If you can't find a job, you can't eat and live. Get yourself out there, though, and start working. Work is just an exercise. It makes you feel good, but it is absolutely exhausting. You start going and you don't stop until it's time for bed. Happy people don't mind it. They got their spouse and/or kids, and they still have 6-7-8 hours with them. Happy people get home, fix dinner, do something for a while, and then go to sleep. Well, the chances are what they're doing is spending time with their kids. Those are usually successful people. So busy. Being so busy is absolutely exhausting.

But yeah, you work a job or you don't live. Nobody I know of is looking for a job right now. I don't really know anyone anymore, though. But just throughout my life, I guess, people have had jobs, but they just weren't enough to pay the bills. So yeah, people have been surviving. I know everyone was taking conservative measures because there were no good or even just decent jobs. People survived, but now the job market doesn't have enough manpower for its labor force. So there are jobs.

But yeah, I understand work quite well. I'm about to understand it better. That's on top of stock market profit. I'm making money by 2025, or I'm going to declare a disaster. I've talked about the Stock Market for so long, it needs to get done. My life is dedicated to a pursuit of seemingly endless money for charity. I have to get stuff done. It's been 6-12 years, depending on how you count it. This is a methodically calculated attempt to give me and everyone else plenty of money. I'm learning about work. Joe Biden has never had a substantial job in his life. He's a career politician, I see what Trump was talking about. You got these career politicians, and they're idiots. Joe Biden was a career politician. To career politicians, talking points are the holy grail. That's all Joe Biden knows is a talking point. I plan to work for a while. I'll make some stock profit along the way, but it'll be a few years because I can have financial independence from society. Being "rich." The deal in this world is if you can make a lot of money, then you can do and have whatever you want. Is it right? Somewhat. It's somewhat right, and it's somewhat wrong because it's neither completely right or completely wrong.

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