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Just wrote out a skeleton for "Lifestyle.'

So I did something impulsive because I love being impulsive, and now I have the "Outline of an excellent Lifestyle.' It's just a skeleton. I'm going to have to go over it a few times. I am wise. I will do a good job. This book added up. I had 19 different subjects that filled the page. The pages are easy to write, however. Or they're hard to write because once I go past the haiku, it will be hard to write. That's lifestyle. I know I'm finally getting around to living very well. I couldn't sleep tonight, but I've slept every night for months now. I think you do want to hear my advice. I have a lot of knowledge built up on this stuff. I mean, every chapter has 15 pages, and lifestyle can only fill 10 of them. Publish it anyway? Yeah, I know, probably.

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