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Just unwinding for the week.

I only worked 2 days. Usually, when you're training, they ease you into the job. I started full-time at the training level. Two 8-9 hour days. I'm exhausted. I know I got my strength back. I was in pleasure mode. All the pleasure was making me weak. Pleasure makes you weak. I've had to use so much muscle my muscles have come back to life. Good. I exercised for about 400 days. That's quite a bit. That's substantial exercise. I'm unusually strong. I know my Dad had superhuman strength, and so does my brother these days. Strength is a part of the Lee genetic. "The root of Jessee." My Dad had a son that made history. He's important. What did he do to raise me? I made all of my decisions to start. If I got in trouble and it was my fault, then I got what was coming to me. That's one of the things I know he did. I remember my Dad telling someone that "Phill makes all of his own decisions." That's how he raised me. If I went underneath the sink, then I caused my Dad to spank me. Getting a kid to understand that is paramount.

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