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Just organized my book some more

I've organized it many times. I did a really good job. I focused on what we absolutely needed. For example, I made a decree against police-states. Every time you start arresting Americans, you create a police-state. There was a police-state against drugs back when I was a teenager. I got arrested for nothing a lot. Most of my friends did, anyways. We're putting too much strain on parents to keep their kids from all this shit. My point is that the police start harassing everyone. They were. It was a police-state against the use of popular drugs. Anyway, that's something really important to know. When you use the police, you create a police state. We don't want police-states. It makes everyone's life hard. My Dad didn't do drugs. They made life hard on him by harassing me. Then they arrested most of my friends. Made life hard for their families. I mean, how about high school parties where they have alcohol? Breaking the law. Humorously the police want to know where this party is taking place so that they can make arrests! It shouldn't be this way. Who cares if a kid smokes a cigarette!

It's hard to explain. I sound like I want to disband the police. Police aren't good. They're where they're at to make arrests. We don't want this narco-police-state. You may agree with it, but it's wrong. Police-states are bad.

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