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Jesus said it to St . Mary

He said, "Do you realize who he is? He's Philip Taylor!" Jesus said that to St. Mary. St. Mary is interceding for me right now. She's actually a best friend. There's been this woman around whenever something important is going on. She always sounds the same, and I know it's that same woman. It's probably St. Mary. Catholics say St. Mary is beyond holy. St. Jesus' only friend was St. Mary. St. Mary was sinless because God controlled her to be sinless.

But yeah, IWM will fix every problem besides perfection and paradise. It's going to be insane. I've taken substantial leaps to be able to make IWM possible. Now I need to have a career. My career will only be 3-4-5 years long, but it's what puts food on the table.

I was so fortunate to get this job, and now, unfortunately, I'm screwing up. I might be able to make it another 2 months and go without an absentee. That's what I'm hoping for. I took a cool shower, and my muscles are relaxed, and I'm ready for a good day tomorrow. I'll be doing a couple of sets of stretches before I go in tomorrow during this all-nighter. I know I got 2 weeks in the bag. I don't predict otherwise, but I'm bad at predicting these things. I've been having serious problems meeting my IWM deadlines and also other deadlines.

If something unfair doesn't happen, I have 2 months that I can work. I can go 2 months easily. At the end of those two months, I'll need a day off. I want to overcome that inclination, however. Calling off your day at work is the worst thing that you can do.

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