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Jesus Juice or impaired morning?

I'm starting on some Jesus Juice. Not every miracle is a miracle. I've been encountering God because of something I've done. I went to Church, and maybe I'll have some Jesus Juice now. There is something about Church. I haven't experienced it fully yet, though. I know being Confirmed was a miracle. I just preserved my Faith by Catholic Theology. God doesn't control everything. If you get disabled somehow, it wasn't the Devil, and it wasn't God. It was bad luck. Everybody is drawing from a lot of sticks and whoever gets the shortest end gets sick. God doesn't accept illness as a legitimate institution. That's somewhat that happens because of our nature. Well, he's at war with our nature. If you got disabled, it literally means we drew lots and got sick by the shortest end. There will be sickness, poverty, misfortune, and death in the World. It isn't an intentional act of God or anything else.

Shriner's children actually have it good. You see how happy they are. People that help the morbidly disabled do a good job. You can still have a life. It really bothers Shriner's kids that people immediately go to the abortion option. That's the hideousness of abortion. Those Shriner's kids have so much to live for.

The Devil does want you sick, though. Sickness originates with the Devil at the temptation in the Garden of Eden. The Devil, Adam, & Eve wanted there to be sickness. Why they get any right is a mystery. It has something to do with God's mercy. He's allowing us to live even though we're evil. I mean, yeah, 10 million people are sick, and 300 million people are healthy. Make the healthy as though they were unhealthy? He does. I'm a Shriner's kid. Well, Shriner's adult, but I have chronic pain and schizophrenia. I would have overcame my Shriner's illness because my Dad would have taught me how. I was changing my Dad's diapers. I would do it again because my Dad would have done the same for me. A lot of those Shriner's children are incontinent. I was fortunate that my Dad was so cool with disabilities as he was. You know, my Dad is a Yankee. I'm a German, he's a Yankee. Not a Nazi, no. German. Kind of means Nazi. My Dad was very closely aligned with God and conservatism. He was a Yankee. But yeah, in a way the 300 million healthy people do all get sick. A normal person couldn't handle schizophrenia. Schizophrenics are normal people that can't handle schizophrenia. Well, normal people get older and they start dealing with disease and decay. In a way, everyone is a Shriner's kid. It is really intense. I've experienced it. I know what Shriner's kids have to put up with on a daily basis. It is unfathomable.

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