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It takes about 10 years to legitimately do the Stock Market

It has a huge start-up. A girl suggested it's stereotypical, but I don't think anyone is doing it, really. There are a few million, but it's entirely different. They can't do it yet. A few million worldwide. Maybe something ten million Worldwide, but my point is that it's best done know what, this isn't even a rational feat. I've experienced things that have given me the insight to make this happen. My Dad drove a Honda Hybrid for 15 years. That made us able to survive the recession. Do you realize how authentic it is to worry about waste? You could buy everyone a car but it isn't fuel efficient. We'd be wasting resources. That's what's going to happen, we'll just piss all the money away. Well, you have to know that it's a legitimate concern. It's real-world stuff. A lack of gas tells us to stop using gas. I'm a Republican. More of a "Liberal Republican." If you aren't on the fringe right, they call you a "liberal republican." Republicans are by nature conservative like Democrats are by nature liberals. The fringe controls most of the party. But yeah, I'm a Republican. The Republicans may not even like I.W.M. Why wouldn't they? One way we stop Liberalism is on account of how liberalism doesn't make sense. They could spend all the money in the World trying to make liberalism work.

Things like that. Real-world. I learned I could be charitable so I put my mind to it and it became a religious pursuit.

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