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It's depressing

I have my own blog now. Nobody is reading it. I.W.M. is flopping in that light. I know I could gain a lot of followers on Facebook, but I don't want my Facebook to be like that. I just link my blog on Facebook anymore. I think that's more appropriate. Blogs are what you're supposed to do if you're a narcissist. Not supposed to talk badly about yourself, but this is quite narcissistic. Hitler was a narcissist. Hitler was actually quite intelligent, granted that he lost WW2 and was uneducated. Hitler had this program for everyone that he came up with. It worked really well until he plunged Germany into WW2. Hitler is burning in the deepest recesses of Hell. He wasn't so smart, but seeming on how he had no education, was homeless for years, and was hypocritical, he did pretty well for himself. Well, anyway, that program was narcissistic as hell. Everybody was supposed to listen to what Hitler had to say about everything. For example, Hitler made a rule about wearing hats in houses. There was some epiphany that Hitler had about it that everyone had to listen to. That's kind of what I'm doing. I'm creating these teachings on how to live in a modern world and everything is me, me, me. It's good, it's on my blog. I have to get some viewers on here, seriously.

Everything is going according to plan. I didn't plan on my Dad falling out as he did and having to have more care than I can give him. But I prepared for it. I'm about to launch a literal lifelong effort that's going to make or break in many ways. I can still try to do I.W.M., however, I'll be in a far worse position than now. Now is the time to do it. So yeah, it starts back when I was a baby. Never let anything happen to your family. Well, I just spent 4 years of my adult life (there have only been 11 other years) taking care of my Dad. My Dad gets to go out in peace now. Now he knows Phil-man had his back the entire time. My Sister and Brother slaved for 4 months to keep him well under their care. I didn't think they were ever going to do that. Well, thank God for my brother and sister because I couldn't have done it alone. It was just in the tick of time every time for the last 4 years.

I just had to run out some clothes to my Dad. For some reason no one was there checking on everybody. I didn't expect the workers to be a problem. But I'll be visiting frequently to check on this type of stuff. My Dad said that I was being "Iron-strong." I am doing a lot. I know I purposely made myself a little psychotic to think a lot. I gave myself 'racing thoughts.' I was trying to understand complicated things. Well, I haven't used my racing thoughts in about 3 years because I was done with thinking stuff up. Think faster, make yourself slightly psychotic, and get I.W.M. done. Well, I'm done with that. I'm focusing on making shit happen. Real shit. It's difficult. There's thinking and acting. You need to think and you need to act. You have to think right and you have to act right."Acting" is doing things. "I acted on that intuition." I'm recovering from my schizophrenia, it may be a thing of the past. I remember when I was 22 I said a relapse would be the worst thing that could happen. A few months later I relapsed. My Dad saved me from that one. My Dad helped me deal with my illness. He was an asshole most of the time, but he got down to business and got me help when that schizophrenia shit was going on. My Dad became very pivotal at many points. So I defended him for 4 years. You figure I've spent 1/3rd of my adult life caring for my Dad and defending him from bad fates. My Dad didn't even do that. He didn't even come close. I spent 3 years detained and that's another statistic. I've been working on I.W.M. for 12 years. 3 years were in confinement, and 3 years were spent doing nothing on a "break." Aka, "vacation." I've only done I.W.M. for 6 years total! I've been cranking shit out, now I have to work a job to pay for shit. We get job experience and I'll also be an elite that at least had some substantial work. Biden has never had a substantial job in his life. Well, it shows, he's an idiot. I work a job, invest, and manage my estate. I'm set up for success but we have things like reliable work and mental healthiness to worry about. I know needing to tweak your medication is a sign of stability. I'm squared away with that. I don't have any symptoms, really. No symptoms no relapse.

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