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In a haze

I've changed. I've noticed this happens. When you change, you get sick. It happens to me all the time. I have been digesting a perfect observance. Now it's like I'm aware of all that discipline, but I don't care. I know I got down to half a pack of cigarettes just months ago, and I didn't even want to pray. Quit smoking and pray more. That's a bit of a joke. Quit smoking to pray more? Yeah right! What world are you living in? This is a world where you hold the liquor store up and do 2 years in prison for it. One of the last things the purely God spirit said to me was that Adam and Eve were evil-doers. I know what that means. That was orthodox. They're getting sent to Hell because they're evil. There's no need to feel sorry for them, they're not normal human beings, even if it is 90% of the species.

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