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I work really hard

I've been doing something all day. Others said what I used to do was recreational, but I slaved over my enterprise. In fact, there's been an hour since I started typing this. I just spent an hour eating and cleaning. More about 45 minutes. I'm thinking I'm going to cook for the health reasons. I've noticed I get much sexier when I cook my own food. I'm out of shape almost. I got 3 years before I lose all my muscle. But yeah, I was way more sexy when I was cooking my own food. My Aunt said I've always been a little overweight. I'm not overweight right now. I checked out my body in a mirror and my chest is still much larger than my stomach. That's something you look for in attraction. Yeah, I like being attractive because it makes women and (straight) men more comfortable. Obesity is a problem. But yeah, you're supposed to be attractive to fit social norms. I don't have sex or hit on women, I don't have any problems with women. They've been screening me for sex sometimes, but it never gets out of hand. Romance and sex is a male's job. Men oftentimes don't know how to be romantic or they're piggish about having sex. But yeah, I look good, women don't have problems with me. I think if I were out of shape or obese they would. That's not a cool thing to be. Out of shape or obese. So I'm going to take care of it starting with dieting. I haven't found the time to exercise. Exercise does not feel good. I can't find the time to get an hour or two out of the day to get strong and in shape. I got a job. I'll try soon. I probably want to work at this job for a while before I start exercising.

But yeah, I work really hard. A lot of people out there aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. That's why you make it a matter of Capitalism. In America things turn around and you can get a job. I didn't look for any super high paying wage, like with Ford or GM. Ford is all around me. Ford is left, right, etc. This is the Motor City. I didn't try. I don't think I would have had the skills to handle those jobs. You have to earn it. What I mean, you work for what you have. You have to learn how to hone into that work instinct and you have to work really hard.

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