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I was thinking about the house

When I get some money, I'll renovate the house. Turn it into more of a rich person thing. My house has two small bedrooms upstairs. Well, two small bedrooms make one large bedroom put together. Extend the basement a little. I mean, these middle-class ranches aren't bad. Having the house to myself teaches me that the basement is enough. I don't even use the upstairs. I'm downstairs virtually all day. I go up for food and television, that's it. My Dad's house is holy because my Dad was there. I debated it for years. My Dad was a great help. A real pain in the ass but a very huge help. I'm going to make this a vacation home. Probably come out here in the summer for a few weeks. Or the winter, why not. This place has to be preserved. I'm going to make some changes, but that's because I plan on this being the spot. I plan to have some money. I'm going to make 250k a year. Yeah, I know, I'm rich, right? I needed to take care of myself. I need to throw money at issues that weaken me. I need to be strong. No, the 250k will just pay for a few things. You get into having a business and skyscraper, people will be disgusted if I abuse the money. People want me to have money, though. They want me to take the measures necessary to keep myself well. 250k affords a lower-upper-class lifestyle. Well, good, maybe I'd like to golf or something. It's really important that I don't spend a lot of money. People will ignore it once IWM is complete, but people in the future will see that I used a lot of money. How much? How about 10 trillion? That's where my money can take me. I am living as lavishly as possible at that point. People don't want to see that, get a job like everyone else. I won't be able to get a job because I have money. It's against the law to hire rich people unless it's appropriate. I can't get a job at Ford or GM. I can't be a warehouse associate. I can't be anything, it's against the law for me to be employed with that kind of money.

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