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I was just thinking if I actually planned to have a job

I haven't been able to work for most of my adulthood. I've just recently become capable after 15 years of training. Hell, 27 years of training. My whole life, I've been working on my capabilities. I was thinking about how most mentally ill people can't have 50 million dollars. I will make a great deal of money, but I have to make that money and immediately turn around and make a hell of a lot more. I've gotten to the point where I can reliably work and invest. Taken decades. But yeah, mentally ill people should get 5 thousand dollars a month in today's money. They don't do that. You're screwed if you're schizophrenic. They say it is manageable, although it takes a while. They said it takes most schizophrenics 10 years to recover. Probably because you have to relapse. Relapses are the problem. Relapses mean you go insane. Complete crazy. You'll be able to cure mental illness by becoming president. That's what one lady said happened to her. She thought she could cure all mental illnesses in the World by becoming president. As me being a patient, I relate with her when she said she didn't know why she thought that. That's how it is, you go screwball-insane-crazy. You probably have to relapse a bit before you can manage your condition. Right now, my mental illness is taken care of. I have a better than-likely chance of managing it. But yeah, if you don't have to work, you can always be free. They want us to work. That's what I'm dealing with. They're going to give me 75 dollars a month to live on if I can't work. I have no dignity, privilege, or mercy given to me. They're going to reduce me to the capacity of a retard, which should be illegal, because the Republicans want me to work.

The Republicans are wrong a lot. "Der Dwei Duay! Inflation de caused bye government spending!" Yeah, that's why you lost the election, people knew you were wrong. I'm kind of getting what's going on. My parent's generation is giving the Republicans the boot for a good reason. I mean, Ted Cruz went against Trump and said we needed outsourcing. There wasn't a single fucking job in this country at that time, but we needed to outsource our jobs. The Republicans started getting the boot.

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