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I wake up in a different world.

I wake up under the impression of something that's not true. I have the impression that life is bad. I'm done with that. I know what Hell is ROBIN. That's right. Robin's a little Hell piggy. Lol! I'm just fooling around. It's from Eminem. Eminem knows what Hell is, bitch, so shut the fuck up. I know what Hell is. You have pain and you're unhappy. You roam through fire and brimstone. That's what you do for an infinity's infinity. No wait, times infinity. God said that he had to torture the evil person. It probably is just chronic pain. Actual fire? I think chronic pain and unhappiness are very just for an evil person. What if it happened to my brother? It's humane. Life wasn't that bad with chronic pain and unhappiness. It was just a state of damnation. It's hard to explain. My brother has shown zero interest in believing in Jesus as his savior. My brother may be ransomed by Jesus, or I may interceed for my brother. Perhaps because my brother was a good guy, he gets to enter Heaven. My brother stands a strong chance with so many faithful people being around him.

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