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I've really started to struggle at my job.

I called off. Bossman said he'd do it for us once, but who knows if that will actually be the standard. I'm too sore than to work.

But I learned a lesson. The soreness mounted unresistible pressure to call off. It isn't that hard of a job. I've had the strength to work for 3 weeks on 9 days. But my indiscipline let my soreness get in the way. "Soreness" is a legitimate concern. I thought about what I was thinking after I called off, and yes, I'm sore from head to bottom. That's a logistical or reality issue. If the job is too hard you won't be able to do it. I'm getting paid for hard work. That's why I want to work there. A little inexperienced, though, yes.

The only way to land one of these jobs is to have the experience. I am extremely thankful for my work, even if I get fired. I just called off, I may not work there anymore, quite frankly. Bossman said he'd cover for us once, but that's about it. Try your luck the second time, he said, because the 4th time, you're definitely getting fired. The second and third times are whether or not the bossman wants to help you. Try your luck.

But yeah, I've really started to struggle. It's because I'm so sore. You can't expect to work when you're this exhausted. But if things fall through here, then I know how to value my capabilities. I won't have healed by tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the same thing as today, and so will the other 35 days that it takes to get used to working there.

You know what, I better figure this out. I was thinking about some heating and cooling pads for my body. But yeah, I have to figure this out quick.

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