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I've really enjoyed some time with my Dad.

The tale starts with a hallucination. I hallucinated a person I was talking to on the phone, and I do know that I hallucinated it. I figured it was Julianna. The person didn't talk clearly. I thought that a 23-year-old woman may sound funny. Well, I went crazy and my Dad went crazy. We were crazy for about 8 months together. It was hilarious. My Dad was so rude. I enforced everything my Dad said. I don't know why we weren't arrested. We were causing trouble nationwide. My Dad and I would babble to customer service all day. Customer service thought we were serious. Or more so that we were worth talking to. Nope. Two crazy people. I whole heartily believe my Dad will be healed, but that's how things ended for the two of us. He went crazy and never recovered. I took care of him for 4 years. I took the edge of the disease. So glad that I could do it. My Dad didn't comfort me really at all, but I don't think he meant what it realized. If you don't comfort me you don't like me...well, I'm Phil.

Phil and Lee are synonymous. My Dad didn't realize that he was ending our relationship. He thought you were supposed to have more control. One of those people. Those people usually just don't understand. Talk to their family and they understand. My family didn't understand what was going on either. I had excruciating pain, for example, that didn't need surgery. When you don't need surgery, they don't know what's wrong with you without extensive research. They healed me. You're supposed to be able to be healed of pain. It's a medical science thing. Pain is medical science and usually they can heal it. My family didn't understand the battle going on because other family members were just "dealing" with their pain. You don't deal with get rid of it.

It was only a few years, though. It was 7 years, to be exact, but I was fine after 4 years for the most part. My family hasn't always done the greatest job. But there's the instance of me recovering from my pain. If my family had money and paid for my medical marijuana, I'd still be dealing with excruciating chronic pain. I'd be medicating through marijuana, however, so my pain wouldn't be nearly as bad as it could have been. The system is designed to work for the People. They stopped me from having money so that I could have all of my medical bills paid. Well, okay, that worked extremely well. I don't want to create the welfare state either. Yesterday I said the mentally ill should get 5 thousand dollars a month. It may just make things worse. Probably have to experiment with the system a bit. You get 5 thousand dollars a month if you're 40, for example. Add a rite of passage for the mentally ill. Live at a Group Home for 20 years and then retire at 40. Granted, you'll need to exhibit activities of daily living for a decade.

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