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I think sinners might enter Heaven a lot

It is startling. We go from Jesus to the Apostasy. The Apostasy set rules for a reason. I believe in it. But the Gospels made it very clear that sinners entered Heaven. The official explanation of that phenomenon is that Jesus was making it possible. No, I think there are "good people" in Heaven. God will be fair. A lot of people that thought they were good weren't and failed their sacred obligation. Eternal torture in Hell? Yes.You were evil. You understood evil things. My brother is an atheist. I wish the best for him, but I'm not going to lose any sleep in my paradise, if you know what I mean. I think it'll be a just existence. I don't think demons gnaw on you for all time. When you're someone like my brother, you probably roam endlessly. I understand Hell very well. I don't understand why God is doing it. He says that they have to be punished.

Yeah, no hard feelings bro. But your chances of Heaven are about 25%. 25% by conservatively liberal salvific statistics. I think my brother has a 25-40% chance. Probably will be a miracle, though. I'm dumping everything for the salvation of souls. I don't need to be important in Heaven. I just need to save people like my brother from Hell.

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