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I think it was or is "blinding lights."

There's a phenomenon out there. The neon lights make people act crazy. I'm obsessed with one culture of blinding lights. New York City and its Stock Market.

So yeah, I'm acting a little crazy. But a lot of people make it in Vegas and New York. New York more so. I mean, what people are doing on the Stock Market, I don't know. I think they should be making way more money. If you started with a penny and made 50% for 30 days, you'd have 5 million dollars. People aren't making that kind of money, though.

But yeah, whether you can do it, make a lot of money, or what have you; we're obsessed with New York.

It would make sense that the Neon Lights drove me crazy. Then I started with the two women I started with. I'm glad they rejected me. I'm happier alone. I loved taking care of my Dad, so I know I'd love my kids, but I have enough to do as it is. Make the money, right? That is a full-time job.

I know I have to go to work in 2 1/2 hours. I dun wanna work, I jus wanna bang on deez drums all day.

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