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I think I know what it was

My rest rejuvenated me. That's why I started taking days off like I have. I mean, the normal thing to do would be to have an entirely different experience on this opinion. So I took a day off and now tomorrow I go again. I'm well rested. Today was pretty good, but I was having problems. Probably 2 or 3 days of work. You start getting unhappy, you need to rest. I was obsessed with getting IWM operational. It's all I've done for the last 10-15-20 years. However you want to look at it. When did this and that? Somewhere either ten or twenty years ago. But yeah, I'm feeling pretty good. Need to get some sleep. I've done it all day for decades. I worked so unbelievably hard. But I've done it. I know what I'm doing. I don't know what you'd call this. I'm about to work on my education here in a while, so I'll probably figure it out then. I mean, what are the chances that it goes up more than twice? That sounds so wrong, but imagine you flip the coin ten times. How many times will it land on heads & tails more than once in a row? That's the exact example. Now figure it out. You have to use some math and science. I'm about to input the data, it's nearly complete. I figured out the "Profits" earlier today. I've got everything here now, I think. I have about 15 ways to figure out the outcome of a stock. This is a very exact science. I can mathematically and scientifically prove this to be the case of the stock market while everything is relatively untouched by my future success. I'll change people's thinking on things.

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