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I started writing. I was able to put things into a nutshell

I really was too sore to work today, which is shitty because if it continues, I won't have a job. It's a mature job. You actually work hard. I know plant workers do. Sometimes it can be easy, but usually they don't have easy jobs. My Dad was a bet dealer at the Race Tracks. He had a hard job. They didn't pay him well enough in the end, but he made 40 years of good wages there. My Dad had a hard job that he did his entire life, so by the time I was old enough to truly make adult decisions, he was a master at what he did. So it wasn't so hard in the end. But that's my Dad's success. He worked for 40 years at the same job. Something I'm trying to do. Have a job for 4 years. I haven't worked for 4 weeks, and I'm having problems.

But yeah, I have to expedite this stuff. I do have the motivation. Maybe I can make it 50 days and by that time maybe I can get another day off. Probably can. Probably new problems going on that I need to fix. Come on! Find a job!

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