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I only have ten minutes left

Now I have to do something. I think I'll work on my schedule. I know shower Monday-Wednesday, Friday, and then Sunday. Then Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Have to know the schedule.

Write ten times in one day. Just work at it for a bit, there's almost nothing but work to do. One day I'll literally have a money-making-machine that hardly needs any programming. There will be nothing to do. I'll probably start college. I'm 33 years old. I need to make money happen as fast as possible. That puts me at around 40 years old for any substantial amount of progress. My thirties will just be working. I'll have more money and be more prosperous and successful, though. Once I get about 50 thousand of stock profit, I'll be endowed. I'll also be working. Work hard and get it done. People don't like the poor. If you're a woman, maybe. Men are a joke about not having money anymore. Men need money. A 25-year-old isn't really a man. I'm one of the smartest amongst us. 25 was advanced but I see it clearly, it takes 3 years to finance a car. It takes 2 years to buy a used car. Otherwise, you can't get a car. Every day for 2 or 3 years. Nobody is respecting how life is done. I don't hear people talk about doing anything but work, and we're all slaves when we work these days. Or at least we were. You figure a house is a mortgage. Take 10 to 30 years to pay off. That is a really huge decision. People not budgeting their lives right.

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