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I need a job before I can go any further.

I'm getting into really profound questions. I've figured out sleep and showers, but the stock market and everything related to it, most notably I.W.M., is unscheduled. Get on to a solid routine.

Starting work should be my main concern. I can probably find a job quickly here. I address that tomorrow. I have to be up by 10 am and applying for jobs by 2 pm. I guess that's a good rule. 2 pm is work time. I usually see my Dad starting at 2. Get there about 3 pm. At 2 it's almost time to leave. Oh, I guess that answers that question. There's rest in between everything. I rest at 2 until 2:45 and then leave. There's at least 6 hours of rest. I can't go without 6 hours of relaxing a day. Not unless it were an emergency. If I really push myself, I'll work for twelve hours straight. It might be required when I'm working. I may have to get busy before work and take care of something. It'll take up my entire day. I know how that is because I've worked before. You can only schedule an appointment on a work day, so you have to wake up at 6 am and be at the doctor's by 9.

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