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I mean, right now I have the core of a new technology

Why do bad things keep happening? This is the story of my life. God puts me in a circumstance where I can't have what I want or need. It's true, too. Jesus is god of the demon. There's Jesus and he's so powerful, but he can't control his demon. Oh the humanity! I made an angel so powerful he's out of my control! Oh lawdy lawd! What that demon doesn't know is that God has a gentleman's bet over our eternal salvation or damnation. God's saying you won't be able to get 100%! The superpowerful angel can only get 99%!

This is typical. Good things don't happen to me. I'm so tired of praying and getting nowhere. I mean, there's the illusion that things just have to be completed, but this is an extreme sport. I just take beating after beating.

My plan to do the Stock Market was my Dad retiring, and Dad and I were going to be doing the Stock Market. My Dad was going to pay for its room and board. AKA my living expenses. That's over now.

But God did give me the capability to make my Dad's last days on Earth good. My Dad had bell service. Food, drink, help, TV, Radio, etc; my Dad got everything as he wanted or needed them with me. Now he's under the care of nurses. We just had a scare where he was in some trap house of a home. We had to rush him out of there. For 4 years, my Dad lived off of my saintly patient care. I was fortunate to be able to do that for him. That took some magic. It was like dealing with a man with a mental illness. People with mental illness are like people on drugs. It isn't easy.

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