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I'm very tired today.

I got off work Friday and partied all night and all day Saturday too. I got a lot of IWM done. That was the party. I was completing IWM. I'm tired today, though. When I got off work Friday, it was like someone broke the chains of my bondage. I knew that'd happen because of school. I was in school when I was a kid, like everyone else. I'm not unrealistic. I've been thinking about it, and the amount of work we have to do hasn't changed. It just allows us to live nicer. As men, we had to travel to town, hunt, farm, skin our game, salt it, chop firewood constantly, keep the fire going, etc., etc. It was hard. If we just lived off the land, we'd work 40 hours a week easily like we do today. That's more a rich-realism, though. You have to work. Everybody has to work. It's fair. Only a handful of people don't have to work. Those people aren't properly raised, though, either. Whoever's giving them money needs to make them appreciate it better. But yeah, working 40 hours a week is tending the farm. Oh, how about livestock? You have to hunt and raise livestock! 40 hours a week is just reality. Boss man wants to make a few million dollars.

Although women and children didn't have it good either, I know from the little house on the prairie that Mom was busy. You have to work 40 hours a week to get anything done. I used to work 56-hour weeks. I got 8 hours of overtime in too. So yeah, I had an idea of what people are going through. I think I can help them. A lot of people think the day is tainted with work when they have to work on that day. You have 4 hours before work and 4 hours after work, or 8 free hours otherwise, essentially. I let myself get to feeling really good when I wake up and come home from work. It's time to party a bit. I am tired today, however. Not as tired as usual. My job has actually given me energy. A part of it is that IWM is nearly completed on my end. After that, the chips fall where they may for the most part. I mentioned all the work that has to be done. I do very delicate work. You figure you go to work without your equipment, and you're tardy because you had to go get your equipment. At my job, tardies will get you fired. So forgetting your equipment is a really big deal. I can't ever forget my equipment. I have to be right. I have two sets of work equipment. One at home and one in the car. But yeah, it's like that. I'm either right or I lose money. Say I have 500 billion dollars. A 30% loss is unsustainable. That's 150 billion dollars. I can't achieve my dreams if I'm not right.

This is based on an uncanny ability to invest. I've been 99.9% accurate so far in about a thousand predictions. So that's unprecedented. "Infinite Wealth Ministries." I have to be right millions of times. Something like 25 million times. I plan on investing my time and resources in an automated trading program for a computer to run. That makes IWM much more realistic. However, these 30% losses are unsustainable. I'm going to need to build an empire around this, and largely I already have.

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