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I'm out of marijuana. Plus I'm laying down the law.

This is appropriate. I figured most of this stuff out when I was talking to Julianna. (Julianna wasn't so bad. There was no bullshit, really. We weren't compatible. I am the game. I don't compete. Julianna thought she was the game. Well, that's the mistake that every girl makes). I wrote out several thousands of pages of paper while I was talking to her. When I came home from jail, the work I achieved with Julianna was widely accepted as the IWM book series to me. I've been critiquing it these last 5 years. I've made a monstrosity out of it, happily saying. But yeah, I was 27 and I completed detailing the role of an advanced adult. If you're an adult, you should be pretty advanced by 27. Out of this world type advanced. Everyone in my Dad's generation seemed to get it. My Dad's generation did earn my respect. So did his parent's generation. I'm living with the millennials, they're alright. Need more restraint on sex. I can't be mating up with anyone if I'm just going to be cucked the shit out of. I consider divorce to be being cucked the shit out of. I don't like being a cuckold. If you ask me how I feel about that sort of thing sexually, voyeurism doesn't seem that bad. Cuckolds are a gay form of voyeurs. Voyeurs used to be cucks. They've been getting really gay with group sex.

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