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I'm miscommunicating.

I was just talking to my Sister. I was talking about how everything is to the extent that it is, otherwise. I think I mentioned our prosperity. My Sister is doing very well. So is my brother, but I think my sister does more when she raises two kids. You know, I've never thought about women in those instances. I know women don't like history. My sister blocked grandiose thoughts a long time ago. She may have some now. That's good. Help you understand life better if they're wrong. Of course, she has me around. I'm grandiose-city. But yeah, she doesn't think big time. But my sister is really doing well. Well, I've never seen that before. I mean, yeah, I encounter these fools that are grandiose-city. Most people are very deeply grandiose. My sister doesn't like that. Well, she lives pretty good.

My brother, on the other hand, doesn't worry about money because he works. Well, okay. That's a way. That's what men are supposed to be doing. Technically I'm not supposed to be disabled. Being disabled means that we or they really enforce our entitlements. It's a livelihood. Work for money, common sense. If you're a wage earner, you want 15-25 dollars an hour. That's a living. I'm experiencing that right now. Make 14 dollars an hour and make enough to live comfortably. Yes, I did take a lower-paying job than usual. I probably won't even work there long. If I do, just transition jobs. Common sense. It's hard to pull off.

I think I know what I'm missing. This is the kill of the game. You eventually figure out that you work years and decades at providing something suitable for yourself. Of course, it doesn't come easy. It's one of the more mature revelations. You work for years and decades. You may work your entire life. That's one of the hardest parts. You have to accept that. It makes it hard. I was advanced enough to meet the criteria, so I may get over this quickly. You have to work seriously damn long. It takes years and decades. You crank that lever for years and decades! No shit! I've never realized it before. After working for a year I realize the work never stops. You complete all of the work, but tomorrow fresh they got a pile more full of the same shit for you to do. I'm unprepared. Nooooo!

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