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I'm feeling pretty good, though.

I wake up, and I wonder how I'm going to get shit done.

My 9-5...'Infinite Wealth Ministries.'

I think it's clear that there's a moral obligation to tinker with this a bit. What if I was wrong? What'd bother me the most about that would be Julianna and Robin's gratification. Julianna and I are equals, or we're equals and I owe her one. Julianna performed a task that was desperately necessary. I created some of the greatest notions from her audience. One of them being the centralization of money. If I centralize money, will it work? I think it will. It's done every day in the corporate world. Well, I talked to Julianna for 6 months or something, and I realized I could centralize money. I appreciate it, Julianna. That was actually the next best thing. Audience! I love to talk. Robin, however, is a complete bitch. Julianna shouldn't be gratified, however. She acted bad for too long. If I'm wrong, it just means I live as though I'm rich. Or I do actually live rich. A Group Home isn't sounding too bad. I lay around and they feed me.

But about getting things done, I don't acknowledge how successful this will be. This will be the mortar to IWM. Makes it largely inevitable. Of course, I have to be successful. That's the challenge.

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